Attraction Arround Ella Sisilasa

Get a fresh shower at the Ravana Fall


Ready to escape a bit of the heat of the afternoon? A quick 10-minute drive from town is the Ravana Fall. It is located next to the main road so you can easily take a dip. Much easier than Diyaluma Falls.

Ravana Falls has become a very popular site with both locals and foreigners stopping by to enjoy this piece of nature and a cooldown in the water.

Aeons ago there was a king in India who was unable to have any children. Full of desperation he requested his priests to create a homam (sacred fire) to ask the gods for an heir. The gods blessed him and from the fire rose four little globes of light which entered the bellies of his four wives; who found themselves pregnant. They eventually gave birth to four healthy baby boys, the eldest being Rama. Rama was extremely beautiful, brave, talented and kind; for, unknown to his parents, he was the reincarnation of the Hindu God Krishna. Once he attained the right age, he married the equally beautiful and gentle princess Sits and was ordained the heir. However, the happiness was not to last. One of the other wives the king was jealous of Rama’s success and hatched a deceitful plot with the assistance of a witch. The stepmother made the king honor a boon he granted for her assistance at a time of war. Kaikeyi asked that her own son be crowned as king, while Rama was exiled to the forest for 14 years. And so Rama, Sit a and his faithful brother Lakmanan left for the forest with nothing but the clothes they wore.